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  • Plumage Necklace (Recycled Copper)

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    Strut your stuff like a peacock and show off your recycled copper plumage!

    Fifteen handmade rectangular charms -- 100% RECYCLED (made entirely from scraps of copper).  Each rectangular piece has been individually cut, drilled, and sanded with attention to every detail.  These pieces were then purposefully oxidized to show the varied brown colorations you see in the pictures provided.

    Each necklace has been assembled on an 18-inch length of strong, trendy copper chain with built-in extender for choice of longer length.  Lobster clasp closure for easy fastening.

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    My honey does electrical work, and I've enjoyed recycling some of the "random-ness" that he brings home for me.

    **(This piece comes lovingly packaged in a hand stamped 100% recycled kraft gift box)