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  • Mended Heart Necklace (Copper)

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    Help raise HEART AWARENESS and show your support for those born with CHD (Congenital Heart Defect), #1 birth defect affecting 1 out of every 100 born.  For the "angels" and heros" that have undergone this struggle, let it be an ongoing inspiration to all of us...

    This custom design was originally created by the request of a special lady who has done an amazing job of raising a hero of her own, dispite all the challenges and obstacles that their family had to face.  I am always inspired by people like this.  It was also hard to believe how many others have been affected by CHD, including friends of mine, I had no idea.

    After I saw how well it was received (thanks to social media), I decided to create more...

    I am currently working on more "Mended Hearts" to make available for those interested,
    but there are limited quantities available, so please make sure to order while you can...

    Made from 100% recycled copper, these pendants were cut, etched down the middle, drilled (12 times each), and sanded, all by hand to ensure attention to every detail.  Each of the pieces were purposefully oxidized to show the antique colorations you see in the pictures provided, then are carefully laced/sewn up with copper wire.  To protect the finished product and patina of the piece, each has been given a few coats of Renaissance Wax (used by professionals in museums worldwide).  It gives a durable, transparent, and lustrous protective coating that will not discolor.

    Lovingly hung on a 16-17 inch antiqued copper plated brass chain with soldered links.  Complimented by a small copper charm on the end with lobster clasp closure for easy fastening.

    My honey does electrical work, and I've enjoyed recycling some of the "random-ness" that he brings home for me.

    *If you'd like to customize one specifically, please message me and we can talk about the possibilities <3
    **(This piece comes lovingly packaged in a handstamped 100% recycled kraft box)