Handmade jewelry made from recycled metals | Greenville, SC
  • LINKS TO THE PAST Earrings - (Made from upcycled vintage links)

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    Texture, shape, and varied metals all connected by their vintage past -- collected and brought together in harmony.

    These earrings were made using found vintage links and other chain components.  Complimenting any tone this simple pair of earrings goes with any outfit. Not the lightest weight of earrings, but only just to tell you have them on (some of you may prefer them this way anyway).

    Earring wires are an upscale Niobium wire that are hypoallergenic and safe for everyone.  This metal will not tarnish or fade; perfect for those with any metal allergies.

    **(This piece comes lovingly packaged in a trendy hand stamped 100% recycled kraft gift box)