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  • Copper Tree Sculpture (Recycled Copper & Wood)

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    Handmade copper tree sculpture made entirely from recycled copper electrical wire and mounted through a branch slice from one of our pecan trees.

    Hand-wrapped, one strand at a time until each branch and trunk feel and look complete.  Developing as it is worked, the tree sculpture continually takes shape throughout the "growing" process.  The more it "grows" the thicker and stronger it gets.

    I've fallen in love with each and every one I've created, and I hope you do too!

    Moss has been tucked onto the branches, but can be pulled off at any time.

    Measuring about 5-inches in height, this small tree fits perfectly on almost any shelf space.

    Plus, no water needed!! This sculpture is a great plant-alternative with absolutely no maintenance required!

    (Please contact directly if you are interested in larger quantities than what is available)