Handmade jewelry made from recycled metals | Greenville, SC
  • Copper Clasp Bracelet (Recycled Copper)


    The hand-forged Copper Clasp Bracelets can be rocked year-round and they pair up great with everything!!   Slip it over the small part your wrist like a cuff and the shaped copper hook makes it easy to get on and off.

    Each has its own natural patina and will continue to darken and show more depth the longer it is exposed to air.  It is 100% RECYCLED (made entirely from hand-selected scraps of carefully hammered copper wire).  My husband does electrical work, and I've enjoyed recycling some of the "random-ness" that he brings home for me.

    These bracelets are available for men AND women. As an average sized woman, I personally prefer the small or medium size (between 6 1/2 - 7 inches, depending on how snug you like it). Men can usually order large or even extra-large for a good fit.

    No matter what the need, custom sizes can be requested!

    Wear one; wear a few! Have fun and layer them up with other jewelry pieces! 
    Don't be afraid to mix-n-match! ;)

    (Please contact me if you need a certain size made for someone special, because that's what I'm here for ;)

    **(This piece comes lovingly packaged in a hand stamped 100% recycled kraft gift box)