Handmade jewelry made from recycled metals | Greenville, SC

So, you want to know how it all began...

My Story

I (Leanna) am a self-taught artist who stumbled into metalworking when I saw how much material my electrician/handyman husband was scrapping.  An opportunity I immediately seized back in 2012 to creatively recycle, repurpose, and reimagine sustainable materials for others to wear that gives them joy. Combining various techniques and experimenting with new ideas, I am an artist who loves to find beauty in the unexpected.

My husband, Paul, and I now have an almost 6 year old with a rare chromosome deletion, who is a perfect combination of the two of us!  Along with a large collection of rescued pets, (down to 3 dogs and 4 cats), our mad house is a perfect example of seeing the good and making the best of things...

Per Confucius "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" -- I want to see beauty everywhere, and I want to help others see it too!

My Style

Raw and Industrial (Steampunk), Old-world charm 

I create from recycled metal (copper, brass, aluminum, steel, etc.) and sometimes incorporate vintage as well as natural elements. I take the broken and discarded to create something unique, new, and beautiful. 

You can check us out at our upcoming events around Greenville, South Carolina and the Upstate!

Thank you all for supporting my need to create!